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15 Festival Life Hacks

Posted on August 02 2019

Festival babes! Now that we are in the midst of festival season its time we talk festival hacks!! We’ve all been there, you’re halfway through the festival and all the sudden something happens that takes you away from the music and makes you wish you had prepared more. While some fests may have accommodations, others may leave you high and dry. But never fear! That’s why we are bringing you this curated list of 15 festival hacks brought to you by rave mom to make sure you won’t ever be in that situation again

1. Earplugs

    I swear by earplugs. Look for ones that fit your ear canal and have a high NRR (noise reduction rating) Not only do they protect your hearing (your welcome, future self!) they also make it easier to fall sleep after the fest! I never realized how much immediate hearing damage affects your health. I used to lie awake with ringing and songs literally imprinted in my head due to the loudness and feeling an overall unwellness in my body. With earplugs, I don’t have any ringing or head “pressure” and can fall asleep way easier! Don’t worry about not being able to hear the music as well, EDM shows are LOUD! You won’t miss a beat 😊

                                       These are the brand I use! Link: Decibullz

    2. Anti-Chafing stick

      This is so perfect for my babes with thick thighs, or if you are doing long fests and moving around a lot! Apply it anywhere your skin might rub on itself. Best part,it's similar to deodorant so most fests let it in unsealed!

      I swear by this stuff! link: For Her

      3. Wet Wipes

      I swear by travel packs of wet wipes. Not only are they great in the port-o-potty, they are awesome at removing spilled drink, mud, and other festival grime!

      4. Reusable water bottle or camelback

        Nothing worse than having to walk away from a stage when your grooving, but you shouldn’t have to choose between music and putting yourself in potential danger. Reusable water bottles and camelbacks allow you to carry more water at once, so you don’t have to make as many stops! 

        Model: @daisy_dewdrops Pic Credit: @lxviews

        5. Secure your phone!

        We all know that not everyone that attends these festivals are good vibes, yet some of us still accidentally let our guard down and get taken advantage of ☹ one way I like to protect my phone is by carrying it in a fanny pack that I keep in front of myself at all times. Some stores even make anti-theft leashes for your phone, like this one!

        6. Second ID

          This one isn’t as commonly talked about, but what’s more of a bummer than getting too lit day 1, losing your ID and not being able to get in with your friends day 2? Especially if I am going to be traveling for the fest, I always make sure to order a second ID at least a month before. Nothing will stop me from getting in!


          7. Lockers

            Check to see if your festival offers lockers on site. Some will presell them before the fest, and some are only available once you get inside. This is such a great and underutilized tool, I love bring layers of clothing for all weather and stuffing them in the locker, so I’m not taken by surprise.It's also a safe place to leave your phone, ID, wallet and keys so you can dance without worry! 

            8. Backpacking socks

              I swear by these! Especially so if I am wearing platforms or new boots. They are specifically made double layered to prevent getting blisters and raw spots. Dancing from sunup to sundown is practically a marathon on your feet!

              Model: heather442oh Photo Credit: grandschemeviews_

              9. Mole skin

                This is another backpacking hack that works well for festivals. Moleskin is great if you do develop a blister, and I’ve found it works better than Band-Aids! You apply it directly on top of the blister or spot that’s rubbing, and it provides another layer for the shoe to rub on instead of your skin. I cut up little squares of these and throw them in my fanny pack!

                10. Facemask

                  This one might seem obvious, but I love mine! If the wind starts to pick up, it can keep dirt out of your face and lungs. And, a couple drops of essential oils inside can shield you from festival stank!

                                                      Model: Allythetiger

                  11. Time stamp your texts

                    Nothing is worse than heading to your meetup spot only to find out your friends left half and hour ago! This is why I manually timestamp my texts, for example:

                    heading to the red bull bar (11:10pm)

                    That way your friends know if they should head over, or if the service is spotty.

                    12. Make a meetup spot

                      And make sure it doesn’t move! Bars, bathrooms, and sound booths are my go-to’s. make sure your whole squad knows to meet there after the fest, so nobody gets stuck hitchhiking back to the hotel! 

                      Models: heather442oh & Sarcastiicaa Photo credit: Jacob Tyler Dunn

                      13. Drop a pin where you parked your car

                        It seems pretty self-explanatory, but all I think of was those poor souls wandering the EDC parking lot at 10am looking lost and confused, desperately trying to find their car before the sun started beating on them. Dropping a pin ensures you won’t have to remember you parked in row 47D next to the giant red truck with two bumper stickers…or was it a grey truck?

                        14. Locate the med tent

                          This is somewhere nobody plans to end up in, but it’s extremely important in case of emergency that you know where it is, in case you or a friend may need it. The medical team is there to make sure everyone has a fun and safe night, and all services are free regardless of whether you have health insurance or not. 

                          15. Make sure your outfit is COMFORTABLE

                            There is nothing worse than leaving the pregame and realizing although your fit slayed the pics, there is no way you will be able to dance all night in it. I always do a test run before hand to make sure nothing, pinches, rubs, or is stiff to move in. Raving is an extreme sport, make sure your outfit can keep up with you all night!


                             Model: Sarcastiicaa Photo Credit: Lxviews

                            These are the 15 top rave mom festival life hacks I have learned over the years. For me, taking the time to plan a little more before the festival helps me able to relax and enjoy myself more inside the fest. Hopefully some of these help you and your squad have a more pleasant and smooth festival experience!

                            Leave on the comments which are your festival hacks.