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EDC Survival Guide

Posted on August 02 2019

Hello friends! Now that we are getting down to the last couple weeks before EDC, it’s time for a blog about EDC survival tips! My first EDC was in 2016, right before they changed the dates for cooler weather. While I had spent a lot of time scouring prep lists and EDC threads before, I was open to all the advice I could get. Luckily my experience went smoothly, and I didn’t have anything crazy happen to me, but I learned a lot about what to do to prepare for future events! Here are some of the most important things I learned to survive EDC!

Model: heeyitsstephanie

Definitely hit the smoothie stand!  They are cold, nutritionally packed, and so so satisfying! We made sure to go at least once a night, they would bring us back to life and they are super tasty!

A lot of the art cars and art installations MOVE! A few in my squad made a meetup point at one of the large daisies, not realizing it moved! Make sure your meeting spot isn’t going to be on the other side of the festival in an hour.

 Model: Kyliewells

There are two entrances! We entered through the side (not main) entrance all three days. While it was still amazing, I would recommend hitting the main entrance at least one of the nights to give yourself that AHHHH reveal!

Merch sells out super quickly, I would hit the merch booths on the first day if you have something specific you want or your eye on something. I really wanted an EDC crop top but by the end of the second day they were sold out.

Make sure you are wearing comfy shoes! I passed on cute boots and wore my running shoes all three days. I logged 14 miles a day on my fitbit, and luckily didn’t have a single blister thanks to my shoes.

Model: cosmic_cristal 

Bring a hand fan or a portable mister! Even with the date change, the desert can still get hot and dry in May. For those not adjusted to the climate, it can seem a little uncomfortable. They do have mister stations set up inside you can run through too! These misters mixed with my hand fan kept me cool all night long.

Lemonade! Similar to the smoothies, the lemonade was a godsend after hours on your feet. And, depending on which stand you go to, some of them would throw ice in our camelback for a couple extra dollars to keep your water cold for a bit!

Pack each outfit and accessories in separate bags! This is just an organizational tip that helped me keep all my stuff together. This way when it came time to get ready, I just had to pull the bag out and everything was already together and neat.

Model: kiraeatsrice

For the hotel or campsite- have snacks on deck! I’m a huge snacker already, but having snacks and cold Gatorade in the cooler was so nice after coming home. Being out sunup to sundown is not something I’m used to, so having stuff at the hotel I could munch on reduced the amount of trips I needed to make so I could get a few extra ZZZ’s in!

Bring a couple backup outfits! I didn’t do this, and my day 1 outfit was so intricate by day 2 I was so exhausted I didn’t have the energy to do It all again and wound up wearing a sports bra and booty shorts. I wish I had planned a couple easy, cute and comfy outfits in case I changed my mind last minute, as I did.

Models: cosmic_cristal , dan__scream & rolita30

I hope all of you have an amazing, transformational experience at EDC! Hopefully you will take away from my experience to better prepare for your own. Be safe, have fun, and take lots of pictures!


What tips can you give to first time EDC ravers? Comment bellow.