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Get Festival Ready with @koryowleyes

Posted on August 02 2019

Get Festival Ready with @koryowleyes

 Rolita Rebel Kory (@koryowleyes) is well known for being a festival fashionista, so of course we just had to ask her how she chooses her perfect festival fits! She put together for us some amazing outfits, and she spilled some of her secrets on what she does to make a look come together. Here's what she had so say:

I love styling festival outfits! I’ve always had a passion for fashion and one of my inspirations is Lady Gaga. I love how she plays around with her looks and always plays a character. Gaga’s style ranges from edgy outfits wearing all black to cute girlie and abstract looks! I also enjoy keeping up with current fashion trends and applying them into my own style.

 You can never go wrong with a classic all white outfit. I find it super easy to style and it also stands out in the middle of a crowd. This two-piece set is perfect! I love wearing platforms to festivals because not only do I feel 10x more confident in them but it also adds some extra inches to my height, therefore allowing me a better view at the stage. A common misconception about platforms is that they are uncomfortable and painful when wearing them to a festival, but with a few tricks you can make them much more manageable.

                 Model: Kory   Top: Rebel Chain Top   Bottoms: Bootylicious 


  1. If platforms are new, make sure you break them in before you wear them.
  2.  Size up to allow space for comfortable insoles.
  3. Clip your toenails because your toes will slide to the front edge of the shoe and possibly cause pain.
  4. Apply bandaids on the back of your ankles to prevent blisters.
  5. Wear thick socks to cushion your feet.

Who doesn’t love an all black edgy look! I definitely feel super confident in this two piece set, the material is stretchy and comfortable. I always take a dust mask to festivals because not only does it add character to the outfit but it also protects me from dirt that may be roaming in the air. Another great accessory I consider a must-take to any festival is a hand fan. Hand fans are really necessary when you’re in the middle of a massive crowd because it usually gets hot!

Model:Kory  Coverup: Inferno Top: Dynamite Garter Top   Bottoms: Peachy Bottoms

In addition, incorporating a colorful wig into a look will elevate the outfit so much! I definitely advice trying them out if you haven’t. They can get a little warm but if you’re attending a cold festival a wig is perfect! Finally, the last accessory I always include in my outfits are face gems. One of my favorite face gem brands is Lunautics.

Tip: apply eyelash glue to the back of face gems for extra hold. Put pressure for about 20 seconds when applying them to the face.

 Facemask: Sub Z-Ro Mask Top: Dynamite Garter Top Bottoms: Peachy Bottoms

Although my favorite outfit color is black, it is always refreshing to switch it up and use colorful fits. I find it exciting to experiment with bright colors and color contrasting. This neon green two-piece with a pink tie up skirt is a super cute combination that I fell in love with at first glance! I always use a pair of matching sunglasses as a must-have accessory. Not only does it look cute but also protects my eyes from the sun at daytime festivals. A great tip is to make sure you add a sunglasses chain to them because all the dancing will definitely knock them out your face! In addition, sunglasses can be annoying, especially when you have to put them away in a bag then bring them out again 5 minutes later. Instead, I keep them hanging around my neck using the chain whenever I’m not wearing them. 


Body glitter can also be the perfect accessory to any outfit. Not only does the body glitter make you feel like a sparkling queen but it also gets you a wave of compliments! It is super simple to apply and I have some great tips that may help you all! 

Tip: Dip a small painting brush into a regular clear hair gel, dip the brush into a container of glitter, and apply to the desired body part. It may feel sticky and wet at first but it will eventually dry up. You may also want to add a layer of hairspray at the end in order to secure the glitter some more. (make sure to do a test run before you fully apply in order to make sure it doesn’t irritate your skin).

Top: Utopia Bottoms: Arcadia High Waist Skirt: Galactic Fairy Skirt

How do you get ready for your festivals? Share your tips in the comments.