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Happy Forest

Posted on August 02 2019


My first Electric Forest was the adventure of a lifetime! The moment I opened my Rolita Couture package and tried on the stunning neon and velvet outfit, I knew the photoshoot was going to be an incredible experience.

        Models from left to right back: Lauren, Pearl, Ashley Front: Alex, Reagan

As someone who has no modeling experience, I was a bit nervous going in.  Squad Goals beauty glamoured us up with braids, jewels, and glitter! My hair and glitter GLOWED!! Too cool!

Models from left to right: Ashley, Reagan, Alex, Lauren, Pearl Photographer: Lizzie Rose


Once we were all ready it was time to go into the festival together for our shoot. We couldn’t walk more than ten feet without someone complimenting the gorgeous outfits we were wearing!

We met our photographer Lizzie, who gave us a passionate pep talk and then we ventured into the forest together. I was very nervous to have individual shots taken, but I ended up feeling much more confident than I expected in front of the camera. Lizzie and the girls were so kind and supportive, it was an empowering experience.

Model:Pearl Photographer: Lizzie Rose Hair: Tasha Tripp Braids: Braids by Jewelz Makeup and glitter: Squad Goals Beauty


Toward the end of the shoot we went to a stage and danced around together, enjoying the music while Lizzie snapped some candids. That was my favorite part!

Once the shoot was over, we parted ways to catch sets and explore. I spent the day bouncing from stage to stage, shuffling, and exploring the grounds. All night people complimented my outfit and asked where it was from. It felt great to be able to tell them about Rolita Couture, a company that promotes body positivity and inclusivity.

Model: Alex Braids:Braids by Jewels  Hair: Tasha Tripp Hair  Makeup and Glitter: Squad Goals Beauty Photographer: Lizzie Rose Media

Electric Forest was one of the best festivals I’ve ever experienced. My best advice for anyone going is to take time to explore. It’s easy to get caught up in your set schedule, but the forest is truly a special place. Take time to wander, and keep your eyes peeled for hidden surprises and treasures! Bring something special to place at the giving tree and take an item that speaks to you.

Model: Lauren Braids: Braids by Jewelz Hair: Tasha Tripp Hair Makeup and Glitter: Squad Goals Beauty Photographer: Lizzie Rose Media

My other favorite part about EF was how kind everyone was. Out of all the festivals I’ve been to, I never felt more welcomed and loved than I did that weekend. If you have an opportunity to experience EF, do it! You will not regret it! If you have an opportunity to participate in a photoshoot, do it! You never know what you’re capable of until you try!

Model: Ashley Braids: Braids by Jewelz Hair: Tasha Tripp Hair Makeup and Glitter:Squad Goals Beauty Photographer: Lizzie Rose Media


I am humbled and extremely grateful to have experienced EF and participate in the photoshoot. I feel rejuvenated thanks to Electric Forest and Rolita Couture! Until next year “happy forest!”

 Models from left to right: Ashley, Lauren, Alex, Pearl, Reagan


By Lauren