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What type or Rolita Rave Babe are you?

Posted on August 02 2019

What Type of Rave Babe Are You?

You’ll always find a variety of cuties at festivals and shows, but some stick in our minds! Here at Rolita Couture, we pride ourselves on embracing all the different types of girls that exist. Whether you’re a Bodacious Bass Babe, or a Prismatic Peach… we want you to BE YOU. No expectations. Join the Resistance and show the world it’s YOUR BODY, YOUR RULES.


Twinkly Trance Temptress: 

You’re beautiful, transcendent, and ethereal. You’ve got a lot of feelings, and probably sob during Sun & Moon, but you know how to have a good time and catch those PLUR vibes. Your wardrobe consists of at least one Kimono, cause you love the feeling of the breeze making the fabric blow around you while flowing to a good song. Trance makes you dance, and you can dance all night long!


Bodacious Bass Babe: 

You dig a good high waisted short, your eyeliner is on point! We’ll find you at the rail during Excision, with your hair flowing as you headbang to the drop. If it’s Lost Lands or Bass Canyon, you’re the woman with the wobble. You go hard, so make sure you’re wearing something with stamina like our Enamorate Bodysuit and Mini Crop Long Sleeves, so you can headbang with confidence!

Model:  @unicornfairy_xoxo Pic by @sm_pnwphotography

Daddy's Little Army Brat:

You think Camo means blending it? HELL NO. Camo is in, and you’re at the heart of it. You a bad bish, and you know it. We’d find you inspiring and encouraging your squad to do something amazing! Show your allegiance to the Rolita Army by donning The Uniform of The Resistance. Loving yourself is the greatest form of Revolution.

Model: @ladybho Pic by @sm_pnwphotography


Deep Space Siren:

You are Xtra, and in a good way. Wanna hunt aliens and jam out to the Space Mom herself? These babes got you covered! Between your astrology freckles, alien pasties, your Trouble Crop in Reflective and Cosmic High Waist Bottoms, you’re ready to rock the world of any invader out there! #WeBelieve

Model: @butterfly_bailey Pic edited by @sm_pnwphotography


Prismatic Peach:

You shimmer, shimmy, and shake to the beat, nothing can stop you. Visible from a mile away in your Utopia Wrap Top in Reflective paired with a glaring highlighter, you light up the night with color and fun! Shifting, vibrant, and full of good vibes! Whether it’s holographic, or San Holo... you encourage the ladies around you to shine!

Model: @sightsoundsteph


Knockout Kandie Queen:

You are COLOR personified! The BomBom Top in Cotton Candy you’re wearing reminds you of the days when Fluffies & Hardcore ruled supreme. You trade Kandi, love yourself, and support other women! You are a positive, guiding light in the community, and you help other girls realize their full potential! Keep dancing Queens, we love you!

Model: @aimeelovee1 & @daisydaydreamz  Pic edited by @sm_pnwphotography

Industrial Illumine:

Dark and mysterious, you’re the shadow in the night. You’re badass and playful, and wont pass up the chance to stand up for your friends. You exude confidence and sensuality, and roll with your squad in the Dominame Collection. 1788-L has become the soundtrack for your life, heavy bass and life threatening drops are your adrenaline.

Model: @jadethedonut Pic by @stephanielephotography


Rainbow Sparkle Unicorn:

You’re a beautiful, sparkly, unicorn soul. Your outside is as beautiful as your inside with vibrant locks, sparkle, and glitter galore! Your Sin Censura Top & Cycle Shorts in Rainbow matches your soul, so you can bestow your joyful vibes and BOUNCE with the ladies around you! We’ll catch you on IG, you cuties ;) #unicornlife

Model: @lil.trvp.unicorn  Pic by @stephanielephotography


Casual Cutie:

Girls work hard, and sometimes, picking an outfit is daunting! You’re a kickass shuffler and know how to vibe out with the best of them, You keep it casual but make concessions, like applying your makeup perfectly and making sure you've got hydration on lock! Even the most comfy babes look bangin’ in a skirt and a Wrap Top.

Model: @bassdropprincess & @kianas.gram Pic by pixel.kitten_ Bottoms: @gooddaize



***** All girls are beautiful, but we’re all unique. Even if you fall into one, none (or many) of these categories, your aesthetic is uniquely you! If you vibe with one of these styles, or even if you don't.... leave a comment below! Share and tag your outfits on Instagram, @rolitacouture to see what style and item we’d choose just for you!